About us

We are a medical lab

Macro scans and lab specify a diagnostic centre helping to pioneer the field of laboratory testing. The dynamic inter-relationship of physical systems creates a more complete health of one’s health.

We test and certify candidates with regards to health check-up @100%accuracy to meet international standard for those who are seeking overseas employment, and also we are doing PRE-MEDICAL employment, check-up for countries like Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, Afghanistan, Brunei, Omen, etc.

Our clinical expert’s team consist of Radiologist, Cardiologist, Microbiologist and Pathologist who are specialists in their respective fields and highly qualified technicians and staffs.

Our objective
  • Honesty, sincerity, respect and care towards each and every patient.
  • All our process decisions and actions are always driven by integrity. We always seek innovative ways to enhance patient care to provide importance to our customer.
  • Providing value for money.
  • Strictly abide by the laws, regulations and to respect human values.